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Open Road, Open Water

Do you love sitting on a rumbling mass of polished chrome, an endless ribbon of highway urging you on? Not to ruin the fun of the above imagery, but when you do take to your favorite activity, please be sure you’re first familiar with all the safety aspects.

Storm warnings should set off insurance bells

Mother Nature’s recent tantrum on New Year’s Eve caused quite a bit of damage around town. The area around our Sunset Hills branch was hit hard, with some homes flattened right across the street. All this destruction should have you asking yourself one question: “If my home was destroyed, do I have enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding?”

Why an Independent Agent?

Let’s play a short little guessing game. We’ll provide a few statistics, and you tell us what those stats represent. Ready? Here we go …

Things you auto know about car insurance

Insurance is a lightning rod in a storm of questions, especially when the topic is auto insurance. Why do I need it? How many kinds are there? Why is it so expensive?