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Why an Independent Agent?

CUIA agents are independent professionals trained to provide you with the best products and services available. As independent agents, they’re able to play the field and offer you the choices that best suit your circumstances. Here are a few of the advantages to working with an independent agent:

Independent agents aren’t tied to one insurance carrier, they can look at multiple options and offer the best combination of price, coverage and service.

One call or visit provides access to multiple carriers and multiple types of coverage, there’s no wasted time going from company to company looking to meet all your insurance needs.

With an independent agent, you have an ally. He/she can tackle any insurance carrier and assist with the claims process.

If your current company no longer fits your needs, your independent agent can transfer you from one company to another while doing all of the leg work for you. This helps develop a longer-term relationship while going to the same representative for all your insurance needs.

Not having to shop rates is perhaps the biggest advantage of using an independent agent. No one likes shopping rates for a few reasons:

Time. Calling carrier after carrier after carrier for quotes and information is time consuming. Who has time with all those busy schedules?

Knowledge. Not too many people would consider themselves insurance experts, and comparing policies is difficult if you’re not well versed in the ways of insurance. It’s difficult for Joe Consumer to figure out whether or not he’s properly covered.

Nuts & Bolts. Actually comparing quotes is tricky. Many carriers write their own policies with different language and coverage options, if there are options at all. You have to know what you’re looking for to make a viable comparison.

No matter what your insurance needs, the professionals at CUIA partner with such respected names as The Hartford, Safeco, Travelers, Progressive and others to keep your life on track with a number of options.